Member Obituary
Broadcast Engineering Society (India) condoles the demise of the following esteemed members of the Society and prays the Almighty to provide peace to the departed souls & courage to the bereaved families to bear the irreparable loss.
Their valuable contributions to the Society will always be remembered:


Mr. Manohar Shrawan Mahajan
Mr. Manohar Shrawan Mahajan Life Fellow BES(I) (LF-82), retired Chief Engineer AIR, passed away in Nagpur on 17th October, 2007. Born on 13th April, 1931 he was the second batch Telecommunication Engineer from the Jabalpur Engineering College. He joined AIR, Malad in 1954 and subsequently became the member of the first team of engineers to be sent abroad for starting the Television Service in India. During his service of over 35 years, Mr. Mahajan had served at various AIR & DD stations and was instrumental in installing various DD installations including Allahabad and Raipur. He also headed AIR stations at Hyderabad, Indore & Nagpur during his long stint. Dedicated to his work, he was known for the technical repertoire he possessed. He retired on 30th April, 1989 as Chief Engineer from Delhi and settled at Nagpur.

Dr. A.P. Mitra
Dr. A.P. Mitra a renowned scientist and honoured Life Fellow of the Broadcast Engineering Society (India) died on 3 September 2007. He was 81.
Dr. Mitra was one of the world's leading atmospheric scientists & former head of India's top science body and a Padma Bhushan Awardee. He worked as Professor in the Department of Radio Atmospheric Science at National Physical Laboratory. He, later, served as Director National Physical Laboratory from 1982-1986. He also held the prestigious position as Director of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research from 1986 -1991.
Broadcast Engineering Society (India) first of all bestowed upon him the Honorary Fellowship in the year 1991. The death of Dr. Mitra is felt as a great loss to the Society and the Country as well.

Shri N.J. Nair
Shri N. J. Nair - Shri Nair retired as E-in-C, Doordarshan. Prior to his elevation to the post of Engineer-in- Chief, he held various responsible positions in All India Radio & Doordarshan. During his tenure the Doordarshan expansion plan was taken up & with his personal evolvement all the projects were completed well in time. He was a very soft spoken & widely traveled engineer. He was one of the founder member of Broadcast Engineering Society (India). He has been associated with the society in a big way & contributed a lot. Chairman, HP State Electricity Board. Besides that, she was also Principal Secretary, Power, Health & Family Welfare, Home & Vigilance. Her assignment in the state government included that of the Joint Secretary (Finance) and the Settlement Officer, Land Settlements for Kangra, Unna and Hamirpur Districts of Himachal Pradesh.

Mr R.S.Purushothaman
Mr R.S.Purushothaman, Life Fellow BES(I) (LF-659), retired Superintending Engineer AIR, passed away in Bangalore on 21.11.2006. During his service of over 33 years, Mr Purushothaman had served at various AIR stations, including Bangalore, running and maintaining them. He had also installed Studios and Transmitter for AIR and Doordarshan stations in the Western and Southern Regions of the country while working in the respective Zonal Offices. In spite of poor health, Mr Purushothaman had always taken keen interest in the working of BES Bangalore Chapter and participated in most of the events.

Mr A.V.Arabatti
Mr A.V.Arabatti, Life Fellow BES(I) ( LF-667), passed away in Bangalore on 21.10.2006 due to cardiac arrest. Mr Arabatti had started his career from AIR, Bhadravathi and had worked in various AIR stations and installations before he retired from SPT, All India Radio, Bangalore as Station Engineer, on 31.3.1997. Mr Arabatti was widely known for his excellent technical skills and interpersonal relations.

Mr. P. S. V. S. Murthy
Mr. P.S.V.S. Murthy, Life Member of BES(I), has left for his heavenly abode on 3rd August, 2006. Born in June 1950, Sh. Murthy started his career from All India Radio Bhadravathi as Assistant Engineer in August 1975. He had served at AIR Pune, Bombay and Gulbarga. As Assistant Station Engineer, he worked at AIR Tczu, Madras, Vizaj, Doordarshan Maintenance Centre Behrampur and Banglore. He was working as Station Engineer in AIR Inspection Cell, Banglore when he passed away during his visit to Vaishno Devi temple.

Mr. S. N. Bansal
Mr Bansal, the Life Fellow of BES(I) has left for his heavenly abode on 12th June, 2006. Born on 2nd August 1919, Mr Bansal had joined All India Radio in the year 1946 and he retired as Assistant Station Engineer from RE(NZ) office of AIR. Before joining AIR, Mr Bansal had a small stint with Radio Ceylone, Srilanka in mid 40s. Mr Bansal was active till his last days. He used to attend all the BES functions regularly.

Mr. R. P. Sharma
Mr. R.P. Sharma, one of the Life Fellow of the Society, expired on 01-06-2006. Mr Sharma started his carrier in 1961 from All India Radio Cuttuck. Thereafter he had worked at various Kendras of All India Radio Viz. Jodhpur, Rohtak, CE(NZ) and also at DDK, Delhi for some time. Mr Sharma was very dedicated and sincere worker and was liked very much by his seniors and colleagues. Mr Sharma had finally retired as a Assistant Engineer from All India Radio, Rohtak in the year 2002.

Mr. D. N. Sharma

Mr Sharma who was the Life Fellow of BES(I) has left for his heavenly abode on 24th May, 2006. Born in August 1941, Shri Sharma had a very successful and satisfying stint in AIR and Doordarshan where he worked at various locations throughout the country. Shri Sharma was known throughout the network for his honesty, sincerity and vast technical knowledge. After serving many years as Director Engg (Transmitter Design) with Doordarshan Directorate, Mr Sharma had retired on superannuation as Chief Engineer from North Zone office of AIR and Doordarshan on 31st Aug 2001.

Mr R. L. Sethi

Mr Sethi left for his heavenly abode on 5th May 2006. Mr. Sethi started his career from Peshawar Radio Station in early 40's and served at various stations of All India Radio including HPT Kingsway, Allahabad and Varanasi. He retired as Regional Engineer (NZ).

Mr. Jagdish Prasad

Mr Prasad, the Station Engineer, Doordarshan Kendra, Jaipur & Life Member BES(I) has left for his heavenly abode on 20th Jan, 2006 after prolonged illness. Mr Prasad - an eminent engineer - was born on 24th Sept 1950 in Rajasthan. He had joined All India Radio as Engineering Assistant in the year 1971. He has served All India Radio and Doordarshan in various capacities for the past 34 years. He has left behind 4 young dependent children - 2 sons & 2 unmarried daughters.

Mr. K. L. Wadhawan
Mr. K.L. Wadhawan, life fellow, BES(I) and former Chief Engineer, AIR left for his heavenly abode on 05.01.2006.
Born on 31.10.1924, Mr Wadhawan had joined AIR in 1944 at Mall Road Transmitting station, Delhi. Later he was posted as DAPO (Asst. Director) in P&D wing of AIR, established for development of broadcasting in the country, after Independence. He was with this unit practically from its inception when it was located in barracks behind the Broadcasting House.
In late sixties, he was shifted to Television Section, when AIR started planning of this service in country. He accompanied Mr. S.S. Aiyar, the then Chief Engineer to Germany and other places in this connection and at times independently. After his retirement as Chief Engineer in October, 1982, he was busy as consultant for setting up TV studios for some years. As one of the founding members of P&D unit, responsible for development of broadcasting in the country, his services and contribution deserves to be remembered.

Shri Ram Singh

Mr Singh, the BES Life Fellow & former Chief Engineer Doordarshan has left for his heavenly abode on 18th Dec 2005. Born on 3rd Nov 1942, Sh. Ram Singh had his graduation from Delhi University. He joined AIR as EA in 1964 and his interest in Studies and dedication towards work helped him attain the position of Chief Engineer. He had vast experience in Management, Planning & Development in the field of broadcasting. He received many International & national awards and also earned appreciation from Prime Minister's office. After his retirement from Doordarshan, Sh. Singh worked as full time Sr. Consultant at EMRC, IGNOU, India. Later he was picked up by Maharaja Organizations Pvt. Ltd., the topmost private channel operator of Sri Lanka as head of its Engineering Division.

Mr. S. Satyanarayana

Mr Satyanarayana, the BES Life Fellow has left for his heavenly abode on 3rd Dec 2005. Born on 19th Jan 1929, Sh. Satyanarayana entered Gr 'A' Service in AIR on 14th Sept 1970. He worked in EPC, Calcutta and was associated with the Installation of various AIR Projects. He worked at AIR, Calcutta & Doordarshan, Vijayawada. He was Installation Engineer for the installation of DDK, Trivandrum. He retired as Director (Engg), Office of Chief Engineer (South Zone) on 31st Jan 1987.

Mr. M. Madan Mohan

Mr Mohan, the BES(I) Life Fellow & one of the doyens of Indian broadcasting has left for his heavenly abode on Nov 27, 2005. Sri Madan Mohan was born on 16th June 1914. After taking Diploma in Electronics from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, he joined Nizam State Broadcasting Department and assisted Marconi Engineers in installing Radio Stations at Aurangabad and Hyderabad. Later he joined All India Radio where he worked practically all over the country and installed more than 20 stations. Mr Madan Mohan was very much concerned about the Engineers who were bringing India into the world map of Radio Broadcasting, their service conditions and getting them an organized Service. He was the founder of AIR Engineers Association. The untiring efforts of Sri Madan Mohan and his colleagues paved the way later for the formation of Indian Broadcasting Engineering Service.
After taking premature retirement from AIR in 1968, Sri Madan Mohan channeled his energies and expertise in developing Electronic industry in A.P. He was the founder President of ELlAP, AP Electronic Development Corporation. He was the man behind the IETE Hyderabad Centre becoming the best local centre ofIETE. In recognition of his service, he was honored in 1990 by Sri Shankar Dayal Sharma the then Vice President of India as the Patriarch and Bhishma Pitamaha of Electronics & Telecommunications.
In late 80's, when BES(I) was formed, Sri Madan Mohan collected all the retired and working Engineers of AIR & Doordarshan settled in Hyderabad and formed the first local chapter. He has been the guiding force behind all the activities of BES (I) Hyderabad Chapter.

Shri Y. C. Goel

Mr Goel, the BES(I) Life Fellow, has left for his heavenly abode on 9th Oct 2005. Born on 4th May 1942, Sh. Goel had joined AIR as EA in 1965 and during the initial years got experience of working in the Studios. Later on he worked at the Medium Wave & Short Wave High Power Transmitters of All India Radio. He also worked as faculty at the Staff Training Institute of All India Radio. In the P&D unit he looked after the procurement of Hardware required for the Studio and Transmitter projects. After promotion to the post of Deputy Director, he joined Doordarshan and gained experience of working in TV Studios, Transmitters and Earth station at the Pitampura center of Doordarshan. During his tenure at the office of Chief Engineer (N. Zone), he supervised the installation and testing of Earth Station at DDK, Shimla. He served at the Delhi, Pasighat, Jodhpur, Patna, Khampur, Ambikapur, Dwarka & Shillong stations in his tenure of 31 years at AIR & Doordarshan. After retirement in May, 2002 he worked as technical consultant with BECIL for their project" Installation of Cable Head Ends in the North East States".

Mr. P. S. Nagarkar

Mr Nagarkar, the Life Fellows of the BES(I) expired on Sept 22, 2005 due to old age (Age 89 years). Mr Nagarkar had started his carrier in 1939 in All India Radio after his brilliant academic engineering studies. Mr Nagarkar held many important positions as Station Engineer of some radio stations and for project developments at Delhi. He finally retired as Regional Chief Engineer - Western Region in 1974 from Mumbai. He always strived hard to bring perfection to the engineering system and project developments.

Mr. Yedavally Ramabrahma Sastry

Mr Sastry, BES(I) Life Fellow, left for his heavenly abode on Sept 22, 2005. Born on Mar 1, 1926, Mr Sastry was a meritorious personality from beginning. After securing PG Degree in Applied Physics from Andhra Univ., Waltair he worked as Lecturer in Physics with CR College, Eluru during 1948-49 & briefly with Central Water Power Commission, Pune during 1949-50. He joined All India Radio Simla in 1950 as technician. He Served All India Radio in various capacities in Simla, Delhi, Guwahati, Mumbai, Bhagalpur, Vijayawada and Aurangabad. In 1984, he retired as Station Engineer after rendering unblemished 34 years service in AIR.

Mr P. S. Dhagat

Mr. P.S.Dhagat, former Engineer-in-Chief, All India Radio & Life Fellow of BES(I) left for his heavenly abode on 09.08.2005. Mr. Dhagat had joined AIR in 1952 & had been actively involved in administration and installation, operations & maintenance of high power transmitters across the country. Mr. Dhagat served the department as APO (Studios), PO (Tape Recording), Installation Engineer, Sr. Engineer (HQ), DCE (SPT,Rajkot), CE(Development) and finally as Engineer-in-Chief from where he retired in 1984.
Mr. Dhagat will always be remembered as one of the finest engineers of AIR with a large heart.

Mr. G. N. Hangal

Mr. G.N. Hangal, one of the founder member and a Life Fellow of BES(I) has left for his heavenly abode. Mr. Hangal has held many important positions in All India Radio and Doordarshan and finally retired as Chief Engineer, Doordarshan India. He was very gentle and soft-spoken man and was loved by one and all. He had been actively associated with Society activities even after his retirement and often gave useful suggestions for the betterment of the Society. Mr Hangal shall always be remembered for his valuable contributions to the Society

Dr. Raja Ramanna

Dr. Raja Ramanna was a world renowned Indian Scientist, born in 1925 in Tumkur, Karnataka. He breathed his last on 23.09.04. After completing his Ph.D from London, he worked extensively in various fields related to Nuclear Physics and Reactor Physics. Apart from his deep involvement and immense contributions in the field of Science, Dr. Ramanna was interested in European Music and Philosophy. Dr. Ramanna was chairman, Governing Council, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore; Chairman, Council of Management, Jewarharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore; and Chairman of Task Fore on Education, Govt. of Karnataka, Member Atomic Energy Commission, Government of India and; Member, Standing Committee on Defence-2001, Lok Sabha Secretariat, Govt. of India. He was a Fellow of Indian National Science Academy; Indian Academy of Sciences; and Hon. Fellow, Tata Institute of Fundamental
Research, Mumbai, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Jewaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore, and Broadcast Engineering Society (India).
Dr. Raja Ramanna has been the recipient of many awards and honours. He was awarded Padma Shri in 1968,PadmaBhushanin 1973 and Padma Vibhushan in 1975.

Mr. Bharat Kumar

Mr Bharat Kumar, life fellow of BES(I) & Retired Director, All India Radio left for his heavenly abode on 12.08.2004. Sh. Bharat Kumar joined AIR in 1957 & had been actively involved in installation, operations & maintenance of high power transmitters across the country. Mr. Kumar made valuable contribution towards service by incorporating circuit modifications and valve substitution for which he was awarded 'Best Import Substitution Award' at Akashwani Annual Awards, 1990. He published number of technical papers on Broadcast Engineering and was awarded with 'Best Technical Paper Award' at Akashwani Annual Awards for the year 1983,1985 & 1987. Mr. Bharat Kumar was a visiting professor at Kurukshetra University. Last five years of Sh. Kumar were dedicated to extensive studies on Islam, Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism.

Mr Naresh Kumar

Mr Naresh Kumar, life fellow of BES(I) & Retired Dy. Director, All India Radio & Doordarshan left for his heavenly abode on 26.07.2004. Mr. Naresh Kumar had joined AIR in 1963 and served the organization in various capacities at AIR, Patna, AIR, Aligarh, AIR Nazibabad, O/o CE(NZ),AIR & DD, N.Delhi, AIR, Nagoan & Reserch Department, AIR & DD from where he had retired on 31.05.2003.

Mr. Neeraj Gupta

Mr Neeraj Gupta, a distinguished broadcast engineer, passed away on 15th June 2000. Aafter a brilliant academic career, he had joined AIR & Doordarshan at the office of the Chief Engineer North Zone at Delhi, in Dec. 1975. He proved his excellence while working in various capacities in Delhi, AIR Udaipur and AIR Srinagar. He also went on deputation to Department of Electronics for 3 years from 1985 to 1988. Last he was serving as Director engineering in office of Chief Engineer (North Zone) Delhi. It is a matter of extreme grief that Shri Gupta passed away in the middle of his service career. He had undertaken various challenging and innovative projects pertaining to Studios & Transmitters both in AIR & Doordarshan during his tenure at Zonal office at Delhi. For his high principles, probity and judiciousness all his colleagues, friends and relatives liked him. He was an active member of the BES (India).

Mr. H. L. Chopra

Mr. H.L.Chopra, born in Gilgit in 1921, had his schooling and graduation from Lahore and then a course in Radio Engineering affiliated with IEE, UK. He was a keen sportsman and besides excelling in academics he won laurels for his college in gymnastics. He started his career in AIR in 1944; he worked with P&D Unit, Research Department, HPT Malad, HPT Kingsway and as a Director (Trg.) at Headquarters and retired as Dy. Chief Engineer from All India Radio. In 1970 he was elected Fellow of IEE, UK and IETE and later visited BBC installations in UK. After retirement he set-up a business by the name Electronic Devices (India) as an SSI unit which was manufacturing electronic components and assemblies for various Govt. & Public sector organisations. He was actively involved with various professional bodies such as the IEE Delhi Chapter of which he was Chairman for two years, IETE and AIR Engineers Association. He was in the forefront of a core group of engineers who took up the challenge in setting up the Broadcast Engineering Society (India) and served at its fledging stage as Council Member and Chairman Editorial Board of the BES Review. Almost till his last day he was busy in preparing the coming issues of BES Review;
He passed away on 26th May, 2000, after a brief illness. He would be remembered for his ever optimistic and positive attitude to life.

Mr. V. B. Pradhan

Mr V.B.Pradhan, born 18th Nov. 1928 in a small town of U.P, received his earlier education in his hometown Etah and completed the Masters Degree in Physics in 1947 from Allahabad University. As a student he was brilliant with an inquisitive mind. He joined AIR where he went from strength to strength, making notable contributions at each step, finally to occupy the chair of Chief Engineer (NZ) of AIR & Doordarshan from where he retired in 1986. He was the true all-rounder with expertise encompassing from transmitters to studios, radio to television and cadre management to management of social organisations. Much of the credit to his untiring efforts for formation of the organised service of engineering cadre of AIR & Doordarshan. He was a founder member of Broadcast Engineering Society (India) and continued to work for it even though he was not keeping well for long time.
After retirement he continued to work not only in the engineering field but also in general matters concerning the society and people. After an eventful life Shri Pradhan breathed his last on 17th May, 2000. He is survived by his wife, a son and two daughters.

Mr. S. C. Dublish

Mr Suresh Chandra Dublish, a distinguished broadcast engineer passed away on 3rd Dec. 1998 after a brief illness. After a brilliant academic career, he had joined All India Radio in 1954 and proved his mettle while working in various capacities in Delhi, Bhopal, Shillong, Dibrugarh and Rampur. Finally he had retired as Chief Engineer from the Office of Chief Engineer (North Zone). Mr Dublish, known for his warm personality had a high sense of humour even in tense environments. His unassuming behaviour, honesty, integrity and candour was appreciated by all his friends and relatives. Shri Dublish was a founder member of the BES(I) and served as the Hon. Treasurer for over two years.

Shri K. K. Malhotra
Shri K.K. Malhotra, Fellow BES ( I ), Director (Engineering), Doordarshan Directorate, Mandi House passed away after illness on 1st Feb.'97. A veteran in association activities, Shri Malhotra was a well known person amongst the broadcast fraternity of India. Shri Malhotra will be remembered for his contributin towards the broadcast activities in India.

Mr. K.K.
Mr. K. K. Mehta, an illustrious broadcast engineer, passed away on 19-4-96 in Delhi. Shri Kewal Krishan Mehta was born on 16.1.34. He had obtained the Post Graduate degree in Electronics from University of Delhi. He had joined All India Radio in 1956 as Junior Engineer and had retired on 31.1.92, as Chief Engineer, Doordarshan. He underwent extensive training both in India and abroad and had specialization in T.V. broadcast technology. He was one of the founder members of Broadcast Engineering Society (India) and was also a Fellow of I.E.T.E. He had served as Council Member for BES(I) from 1991-1994. He had published a number of articles in T.V. broadcasting in Indian/International journals. Shri K. K. Mehta had a flair for serving the broadcast fraternity. His support and services for the Broadcast Engineering Society will be remembered for long.

Smt. Sathiavathy Murthy
Smt. Sathiavathy Murthy, Assistant Engineer in Sound Maintenance Section of CE (South), All India Radio and Doordarshan and a member of BES(I) expired on 11.2.1996 after a valiant fight against cancer for about seven years. Notwithstanding her illness, she performed most of her duties independently and made a mark in her performance by carrying out modifications in RN units in the South Zone and even did coverage on TRACT. Her readiness to accept responsibility, sincerity and diligence were highly appreciated by one and all.

Mr. B. Parvatavadhani
Mr. B. Parvatavadhani, LF-137 a veteran member of Society has left for his heavenly abode. Shri Parvatavadhani had worked in various positions in All India Radio & Doordarshan and had finally retired as Superintending Engineer from Doordarshan Kendra, Hyderabad in 1996.

Mr Vidya Prakash

Mr Vidya Prakash was former Station Engineer, All India Radio. He had joined All India Radio in 1948 after serving Royal Indian Navy as Instructor Lieutenant and Lecturer in Agra College. He served at Delhi, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Allahabad and Lucknow AIR stations before retiring as Station Engineer from AIR Hyderabad in 1968. He had short stints at CPC and STI(T) in Delhi. He was also a member of Broadcast Engineering Society (India). Backed by a brilliant academic performance in Agra University, he pursued his flair for teaching after his retirement. He breathed his last while he was actively engaged in the teaching profession.

Mr. B. M. Mathew

Mr. B.M. Mathew, one of the active members of BES(I) passed away on 23.12.95. Mr B.M. Mathew had joined All India Radio after passing out from the prestigious Madras Institute of Technology. During his 35 years of service in the department, he proved to be an outstanding broadcast engineer and an able administrator. With his lovable nature, he endeared himself to all his colleagues. During his tenure in Bangalore, he was instrumental in bringing the Super Power shortwave transmitter project to Doddaballapur with which he was closely associated from site selection stage. Inspite of his heart ailment, he remained active even after his retirement in the year 1992 as Superintending Engineer, All India Radio, Bangalore. His end came suddenly during one of his visits to Kochi.

Mr. A. M. Thyagarajan

Mr. A.M. Thyagarajan, a life fellow of BES (India) and the founder of Jayalakshmi Panchapakesan Award instituted by BES has passed away. Mr Thyagarajan had joined All India Radio in 1947 after a brilliant academic career. He worked at the Delhi Station of A.I.R. in the initial years and then joined the Planning and Development Unit. He was in the Transmitter Design Short Wave Planning Section and formed part of the antenna design team that did the pioneering work on curtain arrays for AIR. He had a short spell of training at the BBC, London. He went on deputation to Radio Kuwait and rose to the top level - again in planning. He retired from Radio Kuwait in Nov'89 and settled in Madras. He was the first overseas member of the BES and with his courtesy more than 20 members could be enrolled from Kuwait only. Mr Thyagarajan was a scholarly person with deep and abiding love for Sanskrit. He pursued his Sanskrit studies throughout his life and was engaged in obtaining a degree in Sanskrit at the time of his death.
Shri Thyagarajan was a very pleasant person. He was religious and he took his social responsibilities seriously. He was active, regular and systematic in his habits. In fact he lost his life in the sea when he went for his regular morning swim.

Mr. S. P. Singh
Mr S.P.Singh, Station Engineer of Doordarshan Kendra, Srinagar was a victim of rocket attack on the night of 25 Nov. '93. Mr. Singh succumbed to injuries on 26th Nov. '93. The funeral was held in New Delhi on 27 Nov. '93. Mr Singh was a lovable person, with amenable qualities and a capable broadcast engineer. He was also a fellow of BES(I).

Mr. B. V. Baliga
Mr. B.V.Baliga was from South Kanara (Karnataka).He was born on 13.6.1909. After graduating in Communication Engineering from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, he joined the "Indian State Broadcasting Service" on 4th Nov. 1935. The organisation's name was changed to All India Radio on 8th June 1986. Mr. C.W. Goyder of BBC took over as the first Chief Engineer of AIR on 19.8.1936 and soon Mr. Baliga became the second-in-command of the Engineering section of AIR as Assistant Chief Engineer. With a genial and commanding personality, no one could miss Mr. Baliga in the organisation. When Mr. C.W. Goyder left the organisation in 1946, Mr. Baliga took over as Chief Engineer on 15th July 1946. His immediate task, after the country gained Independence in 1947, was to set up pilot stations at all the capitals of the then existing states. Realising the importance of planning in any growing organisation, he set up a separate planning and development unit, complete with the associated Infrastructure. He played a prominent part in the activities of the Radio and cable board of the government, consisting of various user organisations of the frequency spectrum. He was instrumental in starting the "Wireless Planning and Coordination" wing of the Department of communications and took over as the first Wireless Advisor to the Government of India. He continued to be a member of the Advisory committee on the activities of the Research Dept. of AIR for quite some time. Shri Baliga was the Hony. Fellow of BES(I).
Shri Baliga was not keeping well for some years and the end seems to have gone un-noticed by the organisation he strove to build up. He breathed last on 18-7-93.